About Us

WELD Welding Solutions provides welding, inspection, development and qualification of welding procedures, welders and operators training and qualification, welding engineering and quality control.
Our staff consists of engineers, technologists, technicians, inspectors, welders and welding operators with strong technical background and experience of over 20 years in large enterprises all over the country, as well as courses, training and projects  abroad.

WELD Welding Solutions operates in 3 business units:
- Industrial Welding
- Welding Engineering

Areas of expertise:

Aeronautical Engineering, Food Industry, Automotive, Construction, Pipelines, Wind Power, Equipment, Pharmaceutical Industry, Manufacturing, Railway Industry, Power Generation, Heavy Duty Mechanical Industry, Mining, Industrial Assembly, Shipbuilding Industry, Nuclear Industry, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Pulp and Paper, Petrochemical Industry, Robotics, Steel Industry, Industrial Piping, Textiles and others.