Industrial Welding

Efficient and high-quality production requires proper structure and specialized professionals. In order to provide that we have a highly qualified team. We meet all the welding requirements from the main building codes and regulations such as ASME, AWS, API, DNV, EN, ISO, ABNT, Petrobras.

Our main services are:

- Equipment, pipes and steel structures  manufacturing, assembly, welding and inspection
- Specialized welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals materials
- High complexity materials welding
- Mechanical equipment welding maintenance, recovery and repair
- Pipe welding in operation

Welding Engineering

Welding is a complex process of joining materials. It is extremely important to know and control the manufacturing processes. Our Welding Engineering Services provide the tools and data that your company needs to make the right decision, allowing increased productivity, quality and cost reduction.

- Welding Consulting
- Welding Procedure Specification  (WPS)
- Welding Procedure Qualification Records  (WPQR)
- Welding Technical Documentation (PQR, WEII, Welding Planning and so on)
- Welders Qualification and Welding Operators Qualification
- Welding Inspection and Nondestructive Testing
- Expediting
- Mechanical Testing
- Installation, Welding and Inspection Cost Analysis
- Process Analysis for Productivity Improvement
- Technical Analysis of Materials Weldability, Consumables and Heat Treatment
- Performance Qualitative Analysis (welding defects cause analysis)
- Welding Process and Procedure Selection for Best Performance and Productivity
- Welding Automation Equipment Selection
- Lay-out Study for Resource Optimization and Performance Improvement
- Quality Control Teams for Projects (Engineers, Technicians, Qualified Inspectors)

Innovation and Development

Innovation is the strongest tool for the success of an organization. New processes and materials are being constantly inserted in the industry and construction for meeting the regulatory and the market requirements. We work with your company for your processes innovation and performance.

Our main services are:

- Development of New Welding Technologies
- Process, Equipment and Welding Procedures Development and Implementation
- Welding Procedure Development  in Complex Materials and New Materials
- Welding Software Development, Welding Quality Control and Projects